Following extensive product research we were introduced to the ‘Cure It’ system. We have found this to be a proven system with roofs dating back 35 years. These roofs are as good today as when they were first applied.

This proved to us the longevity of the system and we are confident this product should last a lifetime.

We also found the application to be straight forward and easy to install in every situation we have found.

In addition we have full technical support for any situations we haven’t encountered before.

The materials are specially formulated for roofing applications and listed below are the main benefits of the Cure It system.

  • 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • 20 year guarantee from the installer
  • Fire certificate (resistant to BS476-3:2004 EXT.F.A.B)
  • Made from specially formulated roofing resins and topcoats designed for roofing applications
  • Superb appearance – available in a choice of three standard colours
  • Two non-slip options
  • Can be used for almost any application regardless of size or complexity
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Good environmental programme
  • High security - cannot be cut with a knife
  • Cold applied – free of the risks associated with ‘hot works’
  • Maintenance free
  • Fully bonded without seams, joints or welds
  • Easy to repair in the unlikely event it is damaged
  • Proven pedigree as a waterproofing material with the potential to last the lifetime of the building
  • Completely U.V. resistant
  • Can be used to convert an existing flat roof for use as a balcony, green roof or roof garden
  • Will withstand foot traffic as standard
  • Can be specified to withstand heavy, frequent foot traffic for walkways/balconies

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